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Electrical appliances

Robust, Safe, and Efficient electrical appliances

Electric appliances make up a big part in modern household. Customers are in constant search of effective and efficient security with lighting and other electric appliances. The safety of these appliances ensures a comfortable home-living.

Obtaining a third-party testing boost your product’s and company’s reputation as a trust worthy supplier / retailer. Most communities have strict codes regarding lighting and electric appliances. Testing your product according to national or international standards is best way to avoid any nuisance in the process of importing and promoting them.

LNE-LP Asia is a leader in testing and quality assurance in France and Europe. Our experienced team provides exemplary levels of support and service to ensure a safe product and enhance its market value.

We offer all steps of verification during the production:

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Main electrical testing services

Set of home and kitchen electrical appliances, like a boiler, mixer, toaster, and coffee machine

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