A story of two experts

LNE-LP Asia: Born from the fusion of two French, experts, testing lab in Hong Kong.

The origins


LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais, France), founded in 1901, is a public industrial and commercial institution (EPIC designation), LNE has been placed under the trusteeship of the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance with oversight for Industry. Relying on an excellent scientific and technical skill set, LNE's research efforts have formed the basis of multiple applications: calibration, testing, certification, etc. Renowned for its expertise both in France and abroad, LNE performs measurements that serve the economy and society. The LNE is present in Hong Kong since 2001.

Laboratoires Pourquery

Laboratoires Pourquery, created in 1920, comes from an independent French family group specializing in safety tests on consumer goods intended for the general public and industrial products. Recognized for more than 100 years, their expertise and testing facilities allow to meet specific requirements and support customers in their development. Laboratoires Pourquery is present in Hong Kong since 1995.

IFC building in central Hong Kong taken from a junk boat in the harbor


Skyline of Hong Kong taken from Victoria peak

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